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Plants need favorable conditions for optimal growth. We all know that.

However, the same concept holds true for the human heart.

  • A heart needs to absorb rays of positivity to grow.

  • A heart needs to consume knowledge to grow.

  • A heart needs to absorb rays of positivity to grow.

  • A heart needs to breathe clarity to grow.

  • A heart needs time to grow.

  • A heart needs room to grow.

If you ever have the privilege of catching a glimpse of a heart growing, preserve that moment in your mind forever. I am grateful that I recently had the opportunity to witness the beautiful growth of multiple hearts at the Specially Fit Games. Valor Fitness regularly hosts fitness events at its facility. However, on August 10, 2019 Valor Fitness transformed from a venue to a greenhouse — a greenhouse that was the perfect environment for a diverse community of hearts to grow.

The Specially Fit Games was organized to shine the spotlight on athletes with special needs. These athletes had the opportunity to show their strength in a deadlift competition, or show their endurance in a functional fitness competition. An exciting bonus for the powerlifters was the cash prize available for any female who lifted 185 lbs or more, any male who lifted 315 lbs or more, and anyone who lifted two times their own body weight or more.

The environment within Valor Fitness that day was invigorating! Bright smiles lit up faces. Tears of joy and gratitude welled up in eyes. Coaches spoke words of affirmation to their athletes. Applause and cheers filled the air. Under one roof, there were hearts beating, hearts growing, hearts loving — hearts uniting at the Specially Fit Games.

Talented photographers, Jay KnickerbockerElaine Varona, and Sara Huntercaptured many wonderful heartwarming moments at the Specially Fit Games. The images below display the beauty of hearts that are thriving because of the power of acceptance, support, and love. Let these photographs encourage you to be light, water, nutrients, and air to others. Give people the time and room they need to take root, bloom, and grow. Then, step back and admire the beauty, the beauty of a healthy heart.