Through our programs, we aim to enhance the lives of our participants by providing them the opportunity to grow their health, fitness and independence while forming life-long friendships and bonds. Specially Fit is more than about getting fit—its about becoming a better version of who we are.

All of our workouts are free and open to all ability levels.

Fitness Classes for Individuals with Disabilities

Obesity is a nation-wide issue, but among those with a disability, it is of even higher concern because of the growing correlation between obesity and having a disability. According to a federal Health Resources and Services Administration report, more than 36% of children and teens with special needs (ages 10 to 17 years old) are overweight; in comparison, 30% of children of the same age were found to be overweight. In addition, this report found that the risk for obesity worsens as the severity of the condition increases. Children with disabilities are also twice as likely as classmates to have to repeat a grade and are more likely to have self-esteem issues. These despairing differences and increased health risks don’t end in childhood—they worsen into adulthood. Statistics from the National Institute of Health reveal that adults with a disability are 53% more likely to be obese than adults without a disability.

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Exercise is well known for its benefits for weight control, but Specially Fit is more than just a resource for individuals with disabilities to fight their risk for obesity. Our foundation also serves to provide these individuals with a place to befriend others without judgement and make connections they may not have otherwise under routine social interactions.

Fitness Classes for At-Risk Individuals

Children considered “at-risk” are those who are less likely to transition into adulthood successfully—those who may have already found themselves in trouble with law enforcement or who have a troubled home life with minimal positive influence, examples, or instruction. While poverty is a driving factor in the lives of many “at-risk” children and teens, they can come from all walks of life.

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Specially Fit provides access to fitness classes and training to help provide a positive influence and healthy outlet for children and teens struggling to find their place in the world.

Group/Foster Home and Day Care Fitness Classes
We are available to bring our training classes and unique perspectives to the masses. If you manage, run, or operate a group home, foster home, or day care and believe the children in your charge could benefit from a day—or even a routine schedule—of physical fitness and personal improvement, then contact Specially Fit to see how our fitness classes can help.

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Individual Fitness Programs
One-on-one and smaller fitness training classes are available for participants looking to further enhance their lifting techniques or successfully reach their fitness goals. Each participant can look forward to more personalized training and goal setting.

Power Lifting Programs
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Specially Fit originally began with helping a young man begin his weightlifting journey. Today, weightlifting and power lifting training programs are available for participants looking to further enhance their workout journey. Many of our participants have taken part in weightlifting competitions, including those sponsored by the Special Olympics.

Various Special Olympics Programs

Specially Fit provides year-round team sports, workouts, and training sessions in partnership with the Special Olympics. Several of our participants who take part in both fitness classes and private training sessions are reaching for the gold! We are always excited and open to helping others make their gold medal dreams come true.

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The trainers of Specially Fit have taken their encouragement and promotion of fitness and have applied it to the lives of participants. We help individuals who desire to overcome an issue or achieve a significant goal to make it happen. Specially Fit life coaches work with participants to help participants to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, enhance social skills, and improve relationship building. By building personal confidence, instructing methods for applying their skillsets, and giving the reinforcement and encouragement needed when goal-getting, our life coaching helps participants to achieve the success in the areas of life they yearn for.