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The Specially Fit Foundation is a nonprofit organization created with the intent to spread awareness that anyone can participate in exercise despite perceived limitations. By bringing together individuals, such as those with special needs or children living in foster homes, and involving them in exercise and sports, the Specially Fit Foundation makes a difference in the community by changing lives through health, fitness, and love.

The vision of the Specially Fit Foundation is to inspire others to believe in themselves. Through events and programs, the Specially Fit Foundation aims to enhance the lives of their participants by providing them the opportunity to grow their health, fitness, and independence. The organization also assists participants with healthy food choices, social skills, and relationship building. Through program expansion, the Specially Fit Foundation opens more doors to broaden the possibilities for these individuals.

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The mission of the Specially Fit Foundation is to change the community through fitness, love, and discipline—one more rep at a time. The organization aspires to reach as many individuals with disabilities as possible and give them the tools they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. CEO, Marky Oliver, is the founder of the Specially Fit Foundation, and his desire is to positively transform the way people of disabilities view themselves, their lives, and their future.

Making a Difference

The Specially Fit Foundation provides the following options for its participants. All of our workouts are free and open to all ability levels.
  • Fitness Classes for Individuals with Disabilities and At-Risk Individuals

  • Group Home/Day Care/Foster Home Fitness Classes

  • Individual Fitness Programs

  • Power Lifting Programs

  • Various Special Olympics Programs

  • Life Coaching